Crocothemis servilia Junonia almana Crocothemis servilia Small - Blue Kingfisher LITTLE SPIDER PRE - ADULT Short - Horned Grasshopper Diplacodes trivialis Junonia atlites KENTISH PLOVER Crocothemis servilia Junonia almana SCARLET SKIMMER SCARLET SKIMMER Crocothemis servilia BLACK - NAPED MONARCH Pseudagrion pilidorsum declaratum (Lieftink, 1936) LONG - TAILED SHRIKE SCARLET SKIMMER MALE SCARLET SKIMMER FEMALE PSEUDAGRION Libellago lineata (Burmeister, 1839) Pseudagrion pilidorsum declaratum (Lieftink, 1936) Brachythemis contaminata (Fabricius, 1793) A BABY RESTING ZYXOMMA LIBELLAGO LINEATA Another man for get dryng DIPLACODES TRIVIALIS LIBELLAGO LINEATA Crocothermis servilia (Drury, 1773) Crocothermis servilia (Drury, 1773) SCARLET SKIMMER SCARLET SKIMMER Crocothermis servilia (Drury, 1773) Crocothermis servilia (Drury, 1773) The bird of scooty - headed bulbul shiloute branches of tree ! Grouping farmer lady for replant DIPLACODES TRIVIALIS Blue man for dryng