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1 How to find the images you need
Search our collection by entering keywords into the search bar.

2 How to buy
You can do it all online or if you prefer you can ‘chat’ or call us. That way we can match how you want to use your image to the right package, at the right price. For large corporate clients we can offer group deals and discounted rates for volume deals.

3 How our pricing works
The prices are displayed on each image comp. The price will depend on what file size you need.

4 General information about licensing stock imagery
RF stands for royalty-free – This is the most flexible option and the most straight forward. You pay a one–off fee to use the image with no restrictions on how you use image, how many times you use it or how long you use it for. You can use the image across multiple projects, forever. There are some restrictions on image use for * reselling’

5 About image size and resolution
To check that the image you have chosen is right for your project you’ll need to take into account:

.the resolution or dpi
.the dimensions

The dimensions indicate the size that your image will appear when printed, and the resolution indicates how much detail will be included in every inch printed.

6 What is meant by ‘commercial use’ or ‘editorial use’?
Commercial use means that an image or clip is used to sell a product, promote something or raise money for a cause. This includes use in advertising, marketing, promotion, packaging, publication covers, advertorials and consumer or merchandising products.

Editorial use is when an image or clip is used to illustrate a newsworthy article, a critique or an educational text.

Getting permission

If you plan to use an image commercially you might need a model or property release. A model or property release is signed permission from an individual, or owner of a property, giving permission for a photograph or footage (in which they or the property appear) to be used commercially. Standard releases generally don’t allow uses that could be deemed to be controversial or defamatory – you’ll need to contact us to check if you can clear extra permissions in these situations.

7 Public domain content
Our website might have some collections that include images that are in the public domain, not protected by copyright or where the copyright ownership is unknown. Content can enter the public domain when copyright has expired, has been forfeited or is not applicable. For these images we don’t claim any copyright or other intellectual property rights and neither do our contributors, we just provide you with access to a copy to use in line with the terms of the license you buy. Other copies of these images might be available elsewhere for free.

What is Copyright? Copyright is a law that gives you ownership over the things you create. As copyright owner you have the exclusive rights to sell, display and distribute the work however you want.