Candles with cross on black background Crocothemis servilia Libellago lineata (Burmeister, 1839) The Lioness Face Bee Pollinating Apple Flower LITTLE SPIDER Ischnura senegalensis Purple Lilac Buds Bee Pollinating Apple Flower Libellago lineata Libellago lineata Blue Hyacinth Flowers Close up Branch with apricot flowers Moss covered stone Dust and life 8 Branchytemis contaminata Childhood fun Pink Hyacinth Flowers Engagement ring with diamond Dust and life 7 Dust and life 7 White Swan on a Lake White Swan on a Lake White swan head close up White Swan on a Lake Moss covered stone White Swan on a Lake Butterfly on the flower Moss covered stone Moss covered stone near river Old coins Dragonfly Dragonfly Butterfly on the flower Colorful Thread Asscher cut diamond moss close up White Hyacinth Flowers Stink bug on branch White Flowers and Bud of an Apricot Tree Strawberries growing on a bush Red roses in a garden CONSTRUCTION Gold diamond ring Jasmine flowers in the garden Apricot Flower Close up